Grey Matter is an anthology web series that uses storytelling to fight mental health stigma. The series is currently in development.

Earlier this year, we ran an online campaign featuring a trailer for the series, encouraging people to share their own stories about mental illness at You can read some of the touching stories we received here.

This project is very close to my heart, as there are several people in my life who have been faced with a mental illness that they’ve refused to acknowledge or treat due to the stigma attached to seeking help. Featuring people of colour in this trailer was an intentional choice. As someone of Indian and Ugandan heritage, I realize that there are still cultural sensitivities surrounding seeking professional treatment for mental illness in our community. It is my hope that when people watch Grey Matter, they are inspired to open up about the battles they are facing, and find healing in that process.

Director: Kevin Saychareun
Producers: Jenn Paul, Kathlyn Gardiner, Kevin Saychareun
Director of Photography: Roger Singh
Location Sound: Chase Hart
Spoken Word Artist: Michael Morales
Cast: Neil & Kristle Coutinho, Lindy Caberio and Latrell Davis

July 28, 2019